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Areas of familiarity and general or specific knowledge

Manufacturing & Construction
Residential and commercial construction including; metal fabrication, composite construction, wood, and concrete.

Mechanical & engineering
Automotive, marine, military, aeronautical, and astronomical industries including working and detailed historical knowledge of each.
Mechanical engineering and mechanics including gas and diesel engines, electrical systems, electronics, and component rework.

Geo Sciences
Navigation and geography including electronic and traditional methods of navigation and mapping.

Computer Sciences
Hardware and software knowledge of multiple computer operating systems. This includes component design and repair.

NGOs and Human Services
Disaster relief including working with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross on a major event.
Altruistic and certain medical and sociological fields.

Public Relations and Communications
Public Relations and working on Capitol Hill.

Sewn goods and Aparrel industries
Apparel industries including manufactured goods, design, retail, and software systems.

Talent, Casting, and Modeling
Talent industry including photography, models, and logistics.

Sales and Marketing of high ticket items
Corporate and government environments and protocols.
Trade show and conference design and setups.

Curatorial and Museum fields
Museums including natural history, paintings and sculpture, automotive, aeronautical, and maritime.

Naval Architecture, Marine Construction and Surveying
Yacht design, charter, sales, and construction fields. All levels.

Recreational Sector
Recreational industries including, equestrian, outdoor and water sports and activities.

Commercial Fishing and Industrial Marine
Commercial fishing industries.

Alternative Energy and Energy Management
And alternative energy and battery management, remote communications equipment, Radar, RDF, LORAN, GPS, SCUBA, specialized vehicles, and other fun things!