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Building a better mouse-trap seems derigeur in the business of new media production. An interactive project may entail database design, new creative artwork done in 2D or 3D, making the graphics move in an animation or interactive in a virtual environment. Video may be shot and edited. Or even composited with other graphics or taped in front of a green screen.

Then there is creating the coordinated text to accompany brochures or national/international advertising, trade show displays supporting new product. And, perhaps, even producing an infomercial or creating historical re-creations and archive research to accurately portray the message.

Past projects have required mini-expertise and immersion into the client's field. On any one day you may be working on a piece that relates to the humanities while on the next you may be illustrating the nuances of PCM training in the new COG OS of the aCM part B PROTOCOL of a software company's new offering.

So whether we're sitting in front of you discussing titanium turbine blades or educating fifth graders in art appreciation you can be assured that a broad experience background is there to support you.

Through strategic partnerships, we offer very specific and enhanced service to meet your particular needs and vision.

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