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Public Relations

Media Pro. An application designed to be used by pubic relations firms requiring instant access to printed and broadcast media anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. If an agency was preparing for an event in Dallas, a few simple keystrokes would fax or send a press release to every media outlet in the designated area.


Freeze Frame Pro. An interactive cross-platform CD for use in international marketing of modeling and casting agencies. Each CD contains a comprehensive photographic and moving video database of an agency's inventory of models and actors. Each CD is designed to be used by an art director or production professional in the model selection decision process.

Freeze Frame Lite. An interactive diskette based version of Freeze Frame Pro.

CedarWorks Playset Designer. A playset designer created as a selling tool for one of the country's finest outdoor playset companies, CedarWorks of Maine. Under an easy to use interface is an elaborate engine that allows the user to construct a playset in 3 dimensions. The finished end-user envisioned playset can then be printed or e-mailed to the company for discussion.

AeroHydro Marketing CD-ROM. A comprehensive overview of a Marine Design and CAD software package including moving graphics, video, web site, and animation.

Animated Images Marketing CD-ROM version 1. CD and diskette based brochure and presentations for the sewn goods industry.

Animated Images Marketing CD-ROM version 2 and web site. CD-ROM based presentation for apparel manufacturers and designers.

Baan. Marketing CD-ROM for their software system management applications.

Better Business Knowledge Systems. Marketing CD-ROM.

Dear Aunt Polly, LLC. web site and advertising materials.

Sun Yacht Charters. Marketing CD-ROM for demonstration at boat shows around the county.

Robert Eddy & Associates. CD-ROM for distribution to large and mega-yacht owners, designers, and builders.


Magic Number. An instruction CD on how to operate a phone system service that allows the user to have one phone number and receive calls or faxes anywhere on earth.

Boat Construction Guide. A complete, down to the nuts and bolts, project management application for the accurate and cost effective construction of semi-production yachts and commercial vessels.

Q-Log. A rocket launching and satellite management tool for a leading aerospace firm.

General Motors (prototype). CD-ROM based program that reads Microsoft Access, Excel, and word docs from promtional event archives.

Educational, Museums, and Galleries

Farnsworth Educational System

Designed to inspire art appreciation in fifth through twelve graders this educational system is based on a network of 14 Windows NT computers. There are several unique learning activities as well as fully interactive virtual 3 dimensional gallery allowing visitors to hang their own shows, print reports to bring back to school, and create their own works of art.

Brandywine Educational System

This system is very similar to the one installed at the Farnsworth Art Museum. The differences include Brandywine specific architecture and walkthroughs as well as the capability to be completely self-contained (server is not required). Also, there is additional functionality for activity button descriptions, a detailed working elevator, and a detailed fly-over of the Brandywine River and museum campus.

Penobscot Marine Museum. Interactive program for Maine Marine Modelers show and exhibit. Installed in two kiosks.

Penobscot Marine Museum. Interactive program demonstrating the use of modern Marine Design software in boat design. The program illustrate concepts such as displacement, LOA, Beam, parametric modeling, relational geometry, hydrostatics, solid and surface modeling and more. Seasonal kiosk display.

Oceanic Virtual Fish and Marine life.
(under development)

Maine Center for Contemporary Art. CD-ROM to accompany catalog for "Photographing Maine". Artwork and design by Dirk McDonnell.